question 1: How long does it take from placing an order to actually getting the plants?

answer: We are certainly not as fast as some of the other online shops, i do all the work myself, but i aim to get the plants on their way within 7 days from ordering. I am not anywhere near a Postnet or Courier Guy so i need to combine your order with other orders and go and deliver the packages myself. So if you are in a hurry and want the plants 'tomorrow', or if you order on Wednesday and want the plants before the weekend then buying from us might not be your best option.

question 2: Is it cheaper to buy from the actual nursery then buying here online?

answer: Yes, in most cases it is a little cheaper, but differences are small. Preparing your package takes time and is a labor intensive process. It also requires delivery to either Swellendam or Riversdale as courier companies do not pick up at our location. All this costs money and time.

question 3: People say you are in the middle of nowhere, is that true?

answer: Yes, kind off. We are on a farm 26km. away from Barrydale and 56km. away from Ladismith. There are no shops or other amenities nearby except for the famous "Ronnie's Sexshop Restaurant". So you need to come prepared. It's Karoo, so its hot and dry in summer, cold and often very windy in winter!  Bring a hat and something to drink, and oh yes bring a box or crate and lots of cash! Most customers end up buying much more then they had bargained for!

question 4: How are the plants packed?

answer: We use sturdy boxes and all plants are wrapped and labelled individually. We don't just chuck them in a box and hope for the best, we put some thought and effort into it. All plants are taken out of their pots and most of the soil will be removed to safe space and keep the weight down.

question 5: How often and when do you update the site?

answer: We make small changes all the time, we add or remove items on an ongoing basis. We grow our plants in relatively small quantities so items tend to sell out quickly. These updates are not scheduled, we apply them randomly as needed.

question 6: Where are the Conophytums? I don't see any?

answer: Conophytums are only available from us during the winter months when they are actively growing. This is usually from April till the end of August. Buying Conophytums during summer when they are dormant is not such a good idea.

question 7: We hear you are selling plants on craftmarkets?

answer: The Craftmarkets we attend are Swellendam ('Under the oaks market') and Barrydale's Karoo Daisy market. However we concentrate on our music sales on these markets (I sell vinyl records and CD's) and the selection of succulents i bring to these markets is quite limited to be honest. Just in case you are interested in the music side of my business here's the webaddress: www.r62musicstore.com